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A website is a business tool. It should generate potential customer enquiries or direct sales (if e-Commerce). To achieve that, it needs to be actively promoted – doing nothing is not an option.

There are numerous techniques to promote a website. They fall under the general heading of “Internet Marketing & SEO”. It is not strictly “one size fits all”. Some techniques (like basic SEO) should be applied to all websites; other techniques might be applicable only to some. Each business needs to consider them individually, but one golden rule applies to all – never implement them half-heartedly and always monitor the results.

We can help you develop, implement and monitor an SEO and Internet Marketing strategy suitable for your business.

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It is a process of making sure that your potential customers can find your products and services through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN (we are not listing hundreds of others because if you score well with those three, you will do well with the rest).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basic rules of thumb

Structure – it is essential that search engines can see and index all the web pages and their content
Content – search engines must be able to figure out what your website and each page is about. One must think of a search engine as a librarian, which needs information to correctly catalogue the website and its pages – title, headings, subheadings, anchors, keywords etc.
Trust – search engines (especially Google) put a lot of emphasis on establishing, if a website is trustworthy. The concept is based on simple recommendations. We are more likely to buy from certain shops and suppliers when those are recommended, the more recommendations the better. Search engines will treat links from other ‘trusted’ websites to your website, as a vote of recommendation hence building up the trust (the technique is often referred to as ‘link building’).

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E-mail is fastest and potentially the most cost effective way of communicating with your customer. To establish sustainable e-mail marketing campaigns, three main elements need to be in place

Collect – the ability to collect email addresses from your prospects and customers.
Getting visitors to your site is a process – make sure that once they find you, you have a future way of reminding them of your existence.
Content – well designed, well timed and straight forward marketing message to your existing customer, over time can help you achieve higher customer retention and increase your ROI.
Professional look and content will deter the recipient from deleting without reading or putting it in spam.
Courtesy – ability to opt-out
Permission from your customer to receive e-mails from you is absolutely essential. Customers who are willing to receive future marketing from you will be more responsive.[/slide]

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Product directories are means of extending the exposure of your website and your products. Most require some sort of payment therefore ROI need to be considered and monitored.

There is one absolute gem out there – Google Product Search (in the past called ‘Froogle’ and now found under ‘Shopping’). It is a product listing directory that does not charge for referrals. But the best part is, that it is integrated with Google organic search i.e. greatly increases your product searchability as well as doubles your chances of being found faster through organic search.

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PPC (Pay Per Click) is a paid for, sponsored links marketing through search engines and via their content networks.

It is not an endorsed advertising, but it will provide exposure to new customers, who otherwise would not be aware of your presence on the internet. PPC is not for everyone and following needs to be considered and monitored

Average product price
Conversion rate – average number of referrals per sale
Cost per Click (CPC) – varies depending on the search engine and the level of competition for a particular keyword and its placement
Seasonality – is the product seasonal, etc
For more info visit Google AdWords . . .[/slide]

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Providing latest news online can have a positive impact on visitor experience and SEO results. Appropriate fresh content will create ‘ things are happening ‘ atmosphere and it can be used as an informal sales approach.

The additional content should also improve ranking with search engines.[/slide]

[slide name="Offline Marketing"]

We cannot possibly ignore and must mention the importance of utilizing the website and combining your SEO marketing efforts with business promoting activities on the ‘ outside off the digital world ‘.

Having a website definitely adds to your real-world marketing potential and vice versa, there are numerous ways of taking advantage of this fact.

We have learnt over time, what works, to what degree and how to take the obvious advantage of having combined marketplace presence.[/slide]

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Your marketing efforts must be monitored.
One of the best tools available now, is Google web analytics solution.

Google Analytics is a powerful and flexible web analytics solution that gives rich insights into your website traffic and effectiveness of your SEO marketing.[/slide]


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