Mobile Rescue

Redefining Smartphone Support

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Prowireless Mobile Rescue remote support service for smartphones on demand anywhere in the world.

BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, Symbian®, Android® and Apple Iphone® devices.

Our support technicians can quickly troubleshoot today’s most popular smartphone platforms by controlling a simulation of the smartphone screen or keypad as if the device were in their own hands – all without pre-installing software.

Quick Diagnosis

  • Accelerate problem resolution with a snapshot view of system information.
  • Convenient Communication
  • Use the Chat Interface to answer questions or provide instruction.
  • Integrated End-User Security
  • End users explicitly grant access to the remote user for each support session

How Easy Is it?

To start a support session, an end user downloads a small applet. Once connected, our technician can remote control, transfer files, view system information, setup Email services, and reboot the device to resolve any issues.

Your Security Is Important to Us!

Technicians can only access customers smartphones with the their permission and after the customer has entered their password into a secure screen. Customers will be able to see what is happening on their device at all times and they can regain control or simply end the session at any time.

Prowireless Remote Rescue coming soon.

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