Free Bill Analysis

Free bill analysis

Check the health of your existing supplier

Independent, incisive, tariff auditing & analysis.

Make informed purchasing decisions to achieve best terms across your mobile & fixed wire contracts
Your communications supplier must be able to perform detailed and highly accurate analysis of your airtime expenditure to ensure that correct tariffs are selected both initially and when performing regular ongoing reviews.

Not all of them can.

  • Beware any supplier offering a plethora of tariffs – yet leaves you to decide which is most appropriate. The supplier will profit when mistakes are made.
  • Beware the supplier that confidently recommends a tariff without fully analysing your calling patterns. recommendations should be supported by a spreadsheet illustration, not just a reassuring pitch.
  • Beware the supplier that rushes to offer extended contracts, technology funds and large airtime bundles. Why? Because seemingly impressive savings illustrations will very likely be more than offset by excessive contractual commitments.

Don’t get caught: engage with our tariff analysts for an in-depth audit and comparison that will clearly highlight your current spending patterns and determine whether or not your current tariff is appropriate.

In order to take advantage of this free service, please Fax your latest account to +61 7 5677 0647
Send us a copy of a recent invoice from your current supplier and in return receive a detailed report that will itemise the extent to which your current tariff suits your usage profile, illustrating where savings can be achieved.