Graphic Designer Appointed

Introducing our newest team member Campbell Farr.

Campbell has an extensive knowledge of computer graphics, coming from a key position for a media company in New Zealand for several years after completing his BCGD, Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design.

Campbell will head the Corporate Design/Media Print division of Prowireless Business Solutions, ensuring existing and future customers are delivered their brand with the soul that it deserves.

Creating a corporate design and identity is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness. It is an effective tool to introduce the company as well as the products and services it’s offering….[/h5]
Corporate design, logo’s, corporate branding and visual identity creations are valuable efforts that engage your audience segments and help you integrate tailored marketing experiences across all touch points.

While creating an effective corporate personality, we use different visual manifestations that build your brand and communicate your business to your target audience.
We enhance your corporate image by exclusive letter head design, corporate brochure design, logo identity branding, stationery design, etc.

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