Bluetooth Desktop Phone Release

What is this Bluetooth Desktop Phone?

The Bluetooth Desktop Phone handset is a revolutionary phone that uses Bluetooth technology to link or pair to your mobile phone. Once your Bluetooth mobile phone is paired to the Bluetooth Desktop Phone, calls can be made to and from the Bluetooth Desktop Phone handset via the mobile phone connection. In this way, the Bluetooth Desktop Phone becomes an extension to your mobile phone.

Capitalise on your Mobile Cap

Stop worrying about line rental fees. Make the most of your mobile phone plans by using your mobile at home or the office through the Bluetooth Desktop phone. The Bluetooth Desktop Phone does not require a landline connection – it simply uses your mobile phone connection to make and receive calls after pairing via Bluetooth.

Stream Music via Bluetooth A2DP

This Bluetooth Desktop Phone can stream music from your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Using the latest Bluetooth technology the Bluetooth Desktop Phone utilises Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) to play music while you are not on a call.

Save Up-To $70.00

New Bluetooth Desktop Phone Special Offer


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